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       Andrew started Heirloom Light photography back in Spring 2015. When he photographs weddings, he seeks a high contrast, versatile style of elegant poses coupled with beautiful candid photos that capture the essence of the moment.  Andrew seeks to keep the photography process fun.  He always says to couples, "You should like your wedding photographer" he insists: "unlike the person who bakes your cake, I am with you all day!"

      When he is not photographing weddings, he works as a tour guide in Portland, Maine. He fills up his spare time with travel, soccer,  and lots of craft beer and coffee.  "It's really a privilege to serve brides and grooms on their wedding day, my photos help you form memories of a busy special day that all too often is a blur.  It is a very special thing for Andrew to create photos that couples' will have in their families for generations; which explains the name and mission for Andrews company: Captured light that is handed down through generations.

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